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Families with Children adopted from Asia Midwest is an entirely volunteer-led 501c3 nonprofit group.   We are solely dependent on you - the fortunate parents of our remarkable children - to maintain all activities and events. Please volunteer your time and energy.  Without volunteer support, we will cease to exist.  

Teenagers who volunteer to help at events are eligible to receive volunteer credits for requirements.  A form will be given on the event day if you ask ahead of time. In addition, any teen volunteers more than 25 hours in a year and at least one is the Mall of America Passage to China event then they will receive the President’s volunteer service award, sponsored by the Chinese Heritage Foundation.



Adult / Family Opportunities:

Coming soon... volunteer roles for Autumn Moon Festival Celebration October 1st 2017 at the Veteran's Memorial Park

Teen Opportunities:

 Chinese Heritage Foundation Events

Help the Chinese Heritage Foundation with events

Note: Nickelodeon ride tickets available for volunteers


Collage-aged and up Adoptee Opportunities: 

Autumn Moon Festival Celebration October 1st, 2017

Opportunities coming soon ...What is required?

    • Help with registration and initial orientation
    •  Enthusiastically participate in and guide smaller groups of kids
    • Staff craft table
    • Staff photo booth table

Date(s): October 1st

Time required: 5 hours (1 pm to 6 pm)

Number of people needed: 2-3 


Teen Meet Up:

Participate with coordinator Hannah VanSant-Ouellette in Teen Meet Ups throughout the school year. Share in adoptee-only group about life challenges and topics.

More info coming


Outreach to China Care Club at U of MN

More info coming


Speak to FCA group about personal travel, experiences etc.

We are always looking for personal stories about travel, life as an adoptee, cultural information, tips, etc.

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