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Tween Troop 2018 - 2019

  • 09 Sep 2018
  • 21 Apr 2019
  • see schedule for locations


  • The Tween Troop is a series of meet ups for Tweens (Grd 4 on up) adopted from China, to make and strengthen friendships and have fun!  The gatherings are activity-focused and varied and will be held at a variety of locations around the Twin Cities. 
  • There will be 6 meet-ups during the 2018-2019 school year and the group will meet the second of every other month, beginning in September. The meet-ups will be held at various locations depending on the event from 1-3:30 PM.
  • The cost for all 6 events is $120 (5 scheduled events / 1 event TBD). In order for the group to achieve the cohesive feel and encourage attendance at each event throughout the year, we will be asking for a yearly fee (September – April) to be paid prior to the first event /meet-up in September.  We will not breaking out the events individually for payment.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact Kim at kcarlson11@comcast.net.
  • 2018 -2019 Tween Troop Meet-ups /Events

Date / Activity



September 9

Get to Know the Group

Richfield Veterans Park

6335 Portland Avenue South


Meet at playground facility (on the west side, near 64th & Portland Ave) and end at mini golf/malt shop.

November 11

Indoor Fun

Can Can Wonderland

755 Prior Avenue North

St. Paul

Spend an afternoon with friends with a variety of games and activities.


January 13

Winter time Crafts

MN Book Arts

1011 S. Washington Ave


Make a ‘stab bound’ sketchbook/journal medium size and visit this neat center.

March 10

Active Time

Kids can vote:

House of Dance hip hop

Roller Skating

Indoor exercise


May 12

Chinese cooking


Learn how to make one or two dishes from Chinese people, looking to partner with Chinese students.



Evening sleepover, perhaps at destination (like zoo), or evening party at bowling alley


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